Sepideh Fallahian
Creative Designer

About Me

I am a creative freelance graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario. I hold a bachelor degree in Graphic Design from Soureh University, Tehran, Iran and a master degree in Design from York University, Toronto, Canada. For more than 10 years, I have worked with a variety of agencies and clients to create effective and innovative design solutions. I approach each project with an enthusiastic, collaborative style and enjoy being part of the entire process from concept to execution.
I love all aspects of art and design, anything that inspires me for new innovative ideas. Shaping Ideas into reality, this is what I do. Imagination is power and I develop ideas out of it to solve problems through my designs. Most of my time goes in experimenting and this is the reason my designs are an amalgamation of modern technology, traditional media and aesthetics. My approach to design stands on the fine line between logic and sense. I believe that design is a profession that has to be executed through systematic steps and scientific methods. Beauty without reasoning cannot solve a problem or create a powerful effect. On the other hand, design without feeling fails to achieve its purpose as well because we design for human and we, human, most of the times, communicate and act with our feelings.
As a graphic designer, my first and foremost responsibility is to successfully visually communicate an idea, which enables the audience to quickly receive the intended message without struggle, and resonate with them in the long term. My personal goal as a designer is not only to focus on my specialty as a graphic designer, but also become a diverse and well-rounded maker who is knowledgeable in a multi-disciplinary practice. This means extending beyond graphic design and treading into other areas of practice apart from the design world. Through this I expect to create diversified and freshly renewed pieces rather than remaining stagnant.

My Work